AH 3D-8667
AH 3D-8667
AH 3D-8667

Dorsch - shoemaker

Artikel: AH 3D-8667
3D Wooden Pictures
Länge: 11 3/4 Inches
Breite: 9 Inches
Tiefe: 3 1/2 Inches
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Retail price: 180,00 USD
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Perfect Illusion by clever perspective reduction.
Every single 3D picture is assembled of numerous small items by hand.
Almost all parts are made ​​of solid wood. Each 3-D wooden picture is over 2 inches deep. The walls, the wooden beams of the ceiling and the cabinets are to the rear smaller so that there is the impression of a perfect space depth.

Manufacturer Dorsch
Weight net:0.6 kg
Weight gross:0.7 kg
Warranty 2 years product warranty
Material Wood
Origin Made in Germany

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